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12 Artworks to Collect


Regardless of how much you know about what you collect already, always remember that the educational process is an ongoing one. Be an informed buyer. Learn from the pros. Take every opportunity to discuss the fine points of what you're looking at with as many different experts, curators, artists, collectors, gallery personnel and other informed art people as possible. Not only does this improve your abilities to separate out the great art from the good from the not so good, but you also learn how to protect yourself against being taken advantage of in the marketplace.
/ Alan Bamberger at Artbusiness.com

From Hannah Gallery we propose you 12 artworks that interest you if you are a collector or have thought of being a collector you should be interested in. 12 unique pieces, now classics, made by 12 artists with an internationally proven track record, and represented at the most important public collections in the world. We are talking about valuable, enduring, and referential jewels

Independentment de quant ja sàpigues del que col·leccionis, recorda sempre que el procés educatiu és continu. Sigues un comprador informat. Aprèn dels professionals. Aprofita totes les oportunitats per discutir els punts més importants del que estàs mirant amb tants experts, comissaris, artistes, col·leccionistes, galeristes i altres persones d'art informades com et sigui possible. Això no només millora les teves habilitats per separar l'art bo del que no és tan, sinó que també aprens a protegir-te que no s'aprofitin de tu en el mercat.
/ Alan Bamberger at Artbusiness.com

Des de Hannah Gallery et proposem 12 artworks que si ets col·leccionista o has pensat en ser-ho, t'interessen. 12 peces úniques, uns clàssics ja, fetes per 12 artistes amb una trajectòria internacionalment contrastada i amb obra que forma part de les colleccions públiques més importants del món. Com a conseqüència estem parlant d'unes joies valuoses, perdurables i referencials.


Beautiful City-Pink Stairs Black Crystal by Annelies Planteydt
Necklace: Gold, Tantalum, Pigment.
T-160 by Ezra Satok-Wolman
Bracelet: 750 (18k) gold, 950 platinum, stainless steel
Soramame 07
Soramame 07 by Fumiko Gotô
Brooch: Hand-carved buffalo horn, onyx, silver.925.
End of the road (Rubedo)
End of the road (Rubedo) by Gigi Mariani
Brooch: Silver, pure gold, niello patina.
From above
From above by Karin Johansson
Necklace: Gold, enamel, reconstructed jade, reconstructed white coral, acrylic
Puffed Up Signet
Puffed Up Signet by Kim Buck
Ring: 24 K gold
Blue and White
Blue and White by Gésine Hackenberg
Necklace: Copper, electroformed copper, silver earthenware by Oud Delft, A. R., Nijmegen, nylon thread, leaf gold restoration
Auge VII
Auge VII by Otto Künzli
Brooch: Corian
Photo by: Otto Künzli
Untitled by Marc Monzó
Brooch: Silver, car paint
Untitled by Stefano Marchetti
Bracelet: Gold, silver, palladium
Octagon (Mary Corse)
Octagon (Mary Corse) by Tore Svensson
Brooch: Steel, paint
Photo by: Franz Karl
Necklace by Lisa Walker
Necklace: Plastic, ebony, 22k gold coin, glue, fabric, thread.
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