No More Fligths  by Beppe Kessler
Beppe Kessler.
Pin: No More Fligths, 2021.
Wood, acrylic, paper (photograph).
Diverse sizes
Unique piece.
Price: 250 €.
Edition for Hannah Gallery.
 Untitled  by Karin Johansson
Karin Johansson.
Pin: Untitled, 2021.
Silver, enamel, gold pin, silicon locker.
ø 1.8 cm
Unique piece.
Price: 90 €.
Five pins in different colours..
 Ping Pong Ball  by Marc Monzó
Marc Monzó.
Pin: Ping Pong Ball, 2002.
Plastic, electroforming silver, car paint..
4 x 4 cm.
 Black and White  by Marc Monzó
Marc Monzó.
Pin: Black and White, 2015.
Silver, car paint..
ø 3.7 cm.
Price: 145 €.