Dream  by Hiromi Suter
Hiromi Suter.
Neckpiece: Dream, 2022.
Copper, sterling silver, 23k gold leaf, foil.
23 x 24 x 2.5 cm
Unique piece.
Price: 2400 €.
 Caterpillar  by Mara Colecchia
Mara Colecchia.
Neckpiece: Caterpillar, 2020.
One-of-a-kind handwoven choker with metallic and frosted Japanese seed beads size 11, nylon thread, and six 16 mm freckled authentic vintage resin spheres..
43 x 9 x 2 cm.
From series: Symmetries Collection.
Price: 450 €.
 The vastness of the loss  by Patricia Iglesias
Patricia Iglesias.
Neckpiece: The vastness of the loss, 2023.
Acrylic cord, cotton, plastic from bottles and post-consumer mesh, bronze wire, antique bronze table/chair leg covers
11 x 80 x 5,5.
From series: Reflejos mestiozos
Unique piece.
Price: 500 €.