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 Hello Colour  by Jen Neame Collins
Jen Neame Collins.
Necklace: Hello Colour, 2021.
Paper, glue, gold leaf, paints, varnish, gold plated links & chains.
20 x 46 cm.
From series: Summer Brights.
Price: 430 €.
 Night Sparkle triple Drop  by Jen Neame-Collins
Jen Neame-Collins.
Earrings: Night Sparkle triple Drop, 2020.
Paper, glue, gold leaf, paint, varnish, gold plated links and chains..
13 cm loong.
From series: Paris by Night.
Price: 380 €.
 A Bird in hand  by Liana Pattihis
Liana Pattihis.
Brooch: A Bird in hand, 2021.
Porcelain pieces from a Japanese saucer, patinated silver chain, glass perfume vial with a screw top, fixing agent, stainless steel..
8 x 7 x 2.5 cm.
From series: Scentimental.
Price: 650 €.
 Necklace  by Lisa Walker
Lisa Walker.
Necklace: Necklace, 2012.
Plastic, ebony, 22k gold coin, glue, fabric, thread..
76 cm.
Price: 3800 €.