RENO BY LISA WALKER - 06 Apr 2022 - 06 May 2022
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Reno by Lisa Walker
Hannah Gallery presents in Barcelona Reno the second solo show with the New Zealand artist Lisa Walker. Four necklaces were created exclusively for our gallery.

At Hannah Gallery, we work on the configuration of each of our exhibitions with the artists whom we represent. We strive to offer our viewers and customers something that not only makes creative sense but which is also different and exclusive. We show works that we would wear, pieces that we would frame and hang on our walls. And, above all, when possible, we are keen to present pieces that, having passed through all these filters intrinsic to the trade, still possess an enigmatic quality. Something that impedes us from fully understanding them. This means that we have a treasure to discover.
Maps and treasures
A treasure that we may discover while we work, and while we have these works by our side. The treasure maps we put together are made up of all our previously followed routes. Each piece of art constitutes a point of reference for discovering another one. The universal analogy. Having seen so many works, we are able to sense and decipher certain enigmas. Our familiarization with certain territories and our dedication of time are key factors for drawing more clearly defined paths. Treasures appear: a sleight of hand, innumerable words, false praise, a perverse toy, a revealing dislocation, a multiplicative simplification, a metal that evokes for us an organic material, a clarity that becomes profoundly dark, a colour that leads us to another... Alchemy mainly inhabits our thoughts.
Amulets and fetishes
We have known about and followed Lisa Walker’s work for more than 20 years. Lisa is an artist in every sense of the word. As we wrote on the occasion of the first solo exhibition that we dedicated to her work, Lisa’s jewels are the true representation of contemporary amulets. These are Lisa’s treasures.
In her work, Lisa offers us an overwhelming interpretative range of symbolism through the everyday objects and materials that surround us. Lisa has an enormous capacity for transformation, generating objects with protective and spiritual powers for those who wear or possess them.
Her method consists of fast, direct, in-depth assimilation, with no filters or intellectualizing: anything that generates and becomes an emotional bond can be materialized, transformed into a fetish object. How is it done? This is Lisa’s art, this is her alchemy.

RENO is a slang term used in New Zealand for renovating a house.
As Lisa explains: "These necklaces I made using the discarded materials from the renovation of mine and Karls workshop.
We bought this falling down, rain leaking, old wooden cottage next door from the family who had lived there for decades.  This house was one of the first dwellings built in the valley, around 1890.
We have turned the whole house into a studio, after many months of renovation (Karl did it all himself with friends).
Nails too have an interesting history in regards to contemporary jewellery and art.  They’ve been useful symbols in my work over the years for the DIY (do it yourself) culture in New Zealand."

Old house, deconstruction, relocation, reconstruction, new workshop, new work. The nails now have another life because they have another meaning. After our first paradoxical reaction at seeing a necklace made of nails, we discover in alternative semantics the deepest, most ancestral and primitive meaning of the jewel.
Lisa Walker’s work offers us new paths to travel through new places in search of new treasures. This is how a found object becomes a work of art. Do we want to follow the path?



 Nails 1  by Lisa Walker
Lisa Walker.
Necklace: Nails 1, 2022.
Nails, thread, silver.
Price: 1800 €.
 Nails 2  by Lisa Walker
Lisa Walker.
Necklace: Nails 2, 2022.
Nails, thread, silver.
Price: 1800 €.
 Nails 3  by Lisa Walker
Lisa Walker.
Necklace: Nails 3, 2022.
Nails, thread, silver.
Price: 1800 €.
 Nails 4  by Lisa Walker
Lisa Walker.
Necklace: Nails 4, 2022.
Nails, thread, silver.
Price: 1800 €.