RALPH BAKKER ARCHIEF - 09 Jun 2011 - 24 Jun 2011

Ralph Bakker Archief
Klimt02 | Gallery presents in Barcelona the last publication of Ralph Bakker: Archief. In collaboration with Timmer Art Books, an oeuvre catalogue of Ralph Bakker's work has been published & is presented at klimt02 Gallery accomppanied by a few classical Niello works of the artist.

At last a compilation of the work of the jewellery artist Ralph Bakker has been published. Works from 1989 up to 2011, all his career compressed in 143 pages. A entire life dedicated to create beauty in the form of jewels.
We are proud to present the book here in Barcelona. We have been working with Ralph since we opened the gallery in 2007. For this occasion we have also chosen 2 pieces we consider classics (or soon will become classics: a bracelet and a ring) to accompany the presentation of the publication.
We hope you enjoy the book and the work of the artist as much as we do and maybe become a proud owner of one of this classical pieces.

My work needs to be worn and whoever is wearing the piece in turn gives meaning to the work. Jewelry becomes an intricate part of one’s own intimate mythology. How then, can they still be mine?
I want to seduce with my jewelry, my work is seduction; and when the seduction is achieved, the seduced can never be without the object of desire. The greatest compliment.

Ralph Bakker


 Untitled  by Ralph Bakker
Ralph Bakker.
Bracelet: Untitled.
Silver, gold, niello.
6 x 7 x 7,5 cm.
Serial number: 0.
 Folded  by Ralph Bakker
Ralph Bakker.
Ring: Folded.
Silver, niello.
Serial number: 0.