OP VOORRAAD AT KLIMT02 GALLERY - 28 Nov 2012 - 22 Dec 2012
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OP VOORRAAD at Klimt02 Gallery
Klimt02 Gallery presents OP VOORRAAD: The jewellery POP-UP STORE. After tavelling during the past 3 years from Amsterdam via Munich, Taipei, Antwerp, Arnhem, Eindhoven... last edition for 2012 stops in Barcelona with more than 250 handmade, exclusive as well as affordable jewellery from 56 international designers.

OP VOORRAAD is The jewellery POP-UP STORE in a hardware shop coat.
In 2009 Ineke Heerkens, Jantje Fleischhut and Jeannette Jansen, three Amsterdam based designers, took the initiative to present contemporary jewellery in an unconventional display. 

OP VOORRAAD shows the jewellery in what appears to be a hardware shop including its typical perforated walls, supermarket trolleys, cash register, price labels and jewellery displayed in blister packaging.
This intriquing combination succeeds in its aim to trigger the nerve of consumerism and provides a sparkling place where new jewellery design can both be admired and purchased. 

OP VOORRAAD shows work of around seventy renowed as well as young international designers. For this concept the designers produce a jewellery multiple in an edition of five. Beginning of each year the collection will be completely renewed. Most of the 360 pieces of the collection 2012 are handmade. Exclusive as well as affordable jewellery. 


 The Wine Dark Sea  by Antje Godglueck
Antje Godglueck.
Bracelet: The Wine Dark Sea, 2012.
Antique wood, paint.
 The Gold Badge  by Mette Saaybe
Mette Saaybe.
Brooch: The Gold Badge, 2012.
24 karat gold leaf, steel.
8 x 8 x 0,5 cm.

Floor, Mommersteeg
Brooch: Cube, 2012
Nylon, steel
3,5 cm
 Riflessa  by Evert Nijland
Evert Nijland.
Brooch: Riflessa, 2012.
Glass, steel.
8 cm.
 Sweetness  by Benedikt Fischer
Benedikt Fischer.
Brooch: Sweetness, 2012.
Plastic, remanium.
7 x 4 cm.
 ReMix Memory  by Jeannette Jansen
Jeannette Jansen.
Necklace: ReMix Memory, 2012.
Vintage medaillons, rubber, hot glue, ribbon.
 Crescendo  by Susanne Klemm
Susanne Klemm.
Necklace: Crescendo, 2012.
85 cm.

 Berry  by Gésine Hackenberg
Gésine Hackenberg.
Ring: Berry, 2012.
Stoneware dessert plates, silver.