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Teresa Estapé
Teresa Estapé,1972, Barcelona, Spain. Earned a Master’s Degree in Arts and a Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Barcelona. She also earned a Jewelry Degree from the Massana School in Barcelona. Her artistic production combines different formats and media (installations, sculpture, graphic art, jewelry) as well as other disciplines such as art interventions. In 2014 Teresa Estapé was distinguished with the Guash Coranty Scholarship for artistic creation with which she completed the project Resistencia/Retaguardia in 2015. In 2017 she has given workshops and lectures at the Ramón Llull University in Barcelona and at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires and at the Design Museum in Barcelona.

About her work:
Teresa Estapé explores the symbolic and communicative potential of jewelry to create her own poetics. Her jewelry is the translation of a constant note in her work; a discourse that reveals how consumerism and capitalist logic infiltrate everyday life and distort the perception of reality.

The pieces of Unjewelry are the result of a deliberate process of subtraction. They are pure in their nakedness, without anecdote or embellishment, emptied of matter, almost intangible; reduced to their minimal expression so they can express the symbolic, emotional essence of jewelry. This is an element usually silenced in contemporary jewelry understood as solely ornamental or as a safe haven confined by the rules of neo-capitalism.
These pieces can be defined as jewelry due to their
esthetic and material (18K gold) dimensions; they are made following the knowledge of craft—tradition, technique, touch, emotion. At the same time, they break the parameters of functionality, durability and visibility with the intention of producing strangeness; an instant of bewilderment to reflect on the dichotomy of price and value.

Scholarships and Awards:
1999: “Desafío en arte y diseño” FAD award sponsored by Kronenburg. Barcelona.
2001: Talente 2011. Finalist. Munich.
2014: Guash Coranty Scholarship for artistic creation. Barcelona.
Solo Exhibitions:
2010 “Delicado bestiario” Corium Gallery. Barcelona.
2010 “Cazatiempos” Alea Gallery. Barcelona.
2011 “¿Qué pesa más, un kilo de paja o un kilo de plomo?”  Madame la Marquise Gallery. Barcelona.
2012 “De Construir” at Arts Santa Mónica and Sala Vinçon Barcelona.
2014 “Nada te espante” La Encantada Gallery Barcelona.
2015 “Libros, cuadros, monumentos”  Espacio 88 Barcelona.



 Unjewelry  by Teresa Estapé
Teresa Estapé.
Object: Unjewelry, 2019.
Fabric lined box, 24 kt jewels.
30 x 20 x 4 cm.
Serial number: 1/3.
Price: 1200 €.
 Unjewelry Chain  by Teresa Estapé
Teresa Estapé.
Earrings: Unjewelry Chain, 2019.
18 kt gold.
26 cm long.
Price: 300 €.
 Unjewelry Chain  by Teresa Estapé
Teresa Estapé.
Necklace: Unjewelry Chain, 2019.
18 kt gold.
42 cm long.
Price: 600 €.
 Unjewelry Chain  by Teresa Estapé
Teresa Estapé.
Ring: Unjewelry Chain, 2019.
18 kt gold.
ø 1.5 cm.
Price: 165 €.