Florian Milker
Florian Milker, 1984, Weimar, Germany. After training as a goldsmith and three years in employment, Milker began studying at the Burg Giebichenstein Halle Art Academy. After graduating in 2015, he was "Meisterstudent" of Prof. Daniel Kruger. Milker now lives and works in Leipzig.

Florian on his work:
In my work I try to elicit a symbolic character from the objects that surround me. There is a meaning in their source that refers to our needs. The objects of my inspirations are already jewelry before I transfer them to the body. The transformation, however, creates a new context that can be amusing but also questionable. Making jewelry is my search for the fragments of our lost naivety in the sandbox of life.

2011 Junge Talent BKV (3rd place), Munich, DE.

Group Exhibitons:
2011 Junge Talente, BKV Gallery, Munich, DE
2012 Silvershool, Legniza, PL
2012 Academy of Arts, Bejing, CN
2012 Säge Stein Papier, Volkspark, Halle, DE
2013 TALENTE 2013, Munich, DE
2013 Gold Buter and Ripe Lemons, fag, Paris, FR
2013 Ringe, RingGallerie, Weimar, DE
2014 SPRING, Caroline Van Hoek, Brüssel, BE
2014 CRAFT & BLING BLING - FAKE, depot basel, Basel, CH
2015 MARZEE Graduaton show, Nijmegen, NL
2015 "Wo alles anfängt" BKV Gallery, Munich, DE
2015 „Von hier und dort / Wo alles anfängt“ Volkspark Gallery, Halle Saale, DE
2015 BRILLIANT LOAD,Galerie Tereza Seabra, Lisboa, PRT
2016 Mari Funaki Award 2016, Melbourne, AU
2016 "10 Jahre BKV Preis", BKV Gallery, Munich, DE
2017 Collecton #3 "Domestc Appeal", CHAMBER NYC, New York, US
2017 HD-treasure, jeweleryweek munich 2017, Munich, DE
2017 Balenced Tension, Galerie Beyond, Antwerpen, BE