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The Saturnine nature of the Artist

at Hannah Gallery by Klimt02

    Extended until November 4th   

MELENCOLIA or the Saturnine nature of the Artists is also a catalogue of the exhibition with the same title. Four artists and nine pieces of jewellery celebrating and investigating one of the most enigmatic and fascinating works in the history of Western Arts: the Melencolia I engraving by Albrecht Dürer.

An exhibition and catalogue curated by Nichka Marobin.

How can one define melancholy? Is it a malaise or a feeling? And what kind of feeling is it? Is it for a brief moment or for an entire life? Is this a temperament or rather a disposition of the soul? Is it perhaps a state of mind? Or is it an illness? Whether vague, unclear and yet relentlessly present and real in his objective intangibility, this feeling has been part of ourselves for centuries. From the Ancient times melancholy was associated to the theory of humors […] Those who were “born under Saturn”, in fact, were characterized by eccentricity, love for solitude and irritability. The Saturnine temper of the artist evokes those non-aligned conducts enriched by an uncommon sensitivity, as well as uncommon intellectual capacities not easily ascribed to ordinary people.
However, whether multiple the definitions might be, melancholy acts like a lens, both as a microscope and as a telescope: particular, subjective and yet, at the same time, universal.

And, if the culmination of Dürer’s artistic maturity coincides with this Master Engraving and with the pivotal question about Beauty, we can assume also that he was questioning himself about the awareness of being an artist and the nature of the artist himself.

This text is an excerpt of the exhibition catalogue.

Albrecht Dürer. Melencolia § I, engraving, 1514. New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art via Google Arts & Culture.

The Saturnine nature of the Artist

   Extended until November 4th   

Four Artists
Gigi Mariani, Iris Bodemer,
Yoko Takirai
and Pietro Pellitteri
and Nine Pieces.
Exhibition curated by
Nichka Marobin and Hannah Gallery

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