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The Saturnine Nature of the Artist
at Hannah Gallery by Klimt02


As a Denkbild, a depiction of a thought, Dürer’s master engraving of “Melencolia § I” stands at the verge of two worlds: the “written” one, both tangible and visible, made of crispy contours, formidable light effects, mesmerising chiaroscuro in a perfect balance of form, technique and concept; the “unwritten” one made of pure abstraction as enigmatic as mysteriously fascinating.
As a sensitive observer, Mitchell Merback writes that Dürer's Melencolia is “a portrait of the creative endeavour poised between inspired breakthrough and demoralizing breakdown.

In our specific case, the one of contemporary jewellery, this enigmatic fascination resides in jewellers’ works, who were asked to give a tangible presence to an abstracted (and physical/intellectual) status and concept such as melancholy.
How all the artists involved in this exhibition project perceived Dürer’s work and its message is the result of the next pages, by providing three series of repertoires that illustrate, condense, meditate and intellectualise the depth of a specific moment.
Nichka Marobin, Exhibition curator
This text is an excerpt of the exhibition catalogue.

Iris Bodemer. Pendant: Dimension 2,86

Gigi Mariani. Brooch: Equilibri #1

Yoko Takirai & Pietro Pellitteri. Brooch: Respiro II

Albrecht Dürer. Melencolia § I, engraving, 1514. New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art via Google Arts & Culture.

The Saturnine Nature of the Artist
21 September to 21 October 2022  

    Opening, 21 setembre a partir de les 19h.    
    T'esperem. Estàs convidat    

    Opening, 21st September from 19h.    

    You are invited    


Hannah Gallery by klimt02 presents:
Four Artists
Gigi Mariani, Iris Bodemer,
Yoko Takirai and Pietro Pellitteri
and Nine Pieces.
Exhibition curated by Nichka Marobin


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