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The Saturnine nature of the Artist

at Hannah Gallery by Klimt02

Four artists and nine pieces of jewellery celebrating and investigating one of the most enigmatic and fascinating works in the history of Western Arts: the Melencolia I engraving by Albrecht Dürer.

There is a sharp line (no wonder with Dürer!), both thin and secure as finely traced with a burin, which foreruns the creation of the “Melencholia I”. This “web of knowledge” that stands both as a horizon and as a threshold is punctuated by a series of works that map the cultural milieu not only of German Humanism, but the one of Dürer himself. The condition of the Artist and his own conduct; his role as a man/artist and his task as an intellectual are marked through a path of self-awareness firstly traced with the xylography of “The Bath House” (1496) and then culminating in the “Self-Portrait in fur” (1500). His own quest for knowledge is embodied by “Philosophia”, the title-page of 1502 for Celtis’ book, and culminating in the intellectual program displayed by the great and large imperial commissions. […]

If according to Panofsky, “Nemesis”(1501-02) was an experiment, we have to wait until the seminal year 1514 to see how a visionary subject will be perfectly harmonized with scientific interests, an intellectual commitment, and a rarefied artistic technique.
It is time to turn the page and get acquainted with “Melencholia § I”.
Nichka Marobin, Exhibition curator
This text is an excerpt of the exhibition catalogue.

Gigi Mariani. Brooch: Equilibri #3.

Iris Bodemer. Pendant: Dimension 2,31.

Yoko Takirai & Pietro Pelletteri. Brooch: Respiro III.

Hannah Gallery by klimt02 presents:
Four Artists
Gigi Mariani, Iris Bodemer,
Yoko Takirai
and Pietro Pelletteri
and Nine Pieces.
Exhibition curated by Nichka Marobin

The Saturnine nature of the Artist

   21 September to 21 October 2022   

at Hannah Gallery by klimt02
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