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Karin Johansson. Necklace: Grass, 2018. Anodized aluminium, gold, acrylic.

Manon van Kouswijk. Necklace: Pearl Grey Revisited, 2015. Glass elements (saucer, hand formed cup handle with attached glass beads), diverse glass and plastic beads, polyester thread, glue.

Karin Johansson. Necklace: Butterfly, 2018. Acrylic, gold.

Karin Johansson. Bracelet: Five, 2016. Red Gold.

Karin Johansson. Necklace: From above, 2013. Gold, enamel, reconstructed jade, reconstructed white coral, acrylic.

Manon van Kouswijk. Necklace: Figures, 2016. Porcelain, pigment, glaze, thread.

Manon van Kouswijk. Object: Egg Spoon, 2003. Porcelain.

Manon van Kouswijk. Necklace: Perles d'Artiste no 5, 2009. Modeling porcelain, ceramic pencil, glaze.

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